Workshop for October 2019!



CLAS, in association with TCG, is pleased to offer a special excursion into the world of mapmaking:

Map Your Space

with Annie Cicale

With GPS and Google Maps, you might think map making skills are no longer needed, but a handmade map can be a treasure. In this workshop, we will talk about the many kinds of maps, both geographical and other kinds, and then learn ways to make them. We’ll talk about the many kinds of information included on maps, see some historical versions that might surprise you, and think about how we engage with the land.

You’ll choose a topic, and then learn some cartographic techniques. You can make a camera-ready version of your space or you can make a fine painterly map to hang on a wall. Those Tolkien maps of Middle Earth can’t be found on your smartphone, and you too might want to design a map of your own imaginary space.

What kind of maps can you imagine making? It is easy to think of a map to your home or a wedding, or a map that captures a trip you have taken. There are also mind maps that display ideas arrayed around a central concept, often used in making decisions. What about a pair of hiking boots with “scars” from various hiking trails? Or an artist’s apron with splotches of paint from various projects? Or even a favorite pizza with information about the various ingredients?

The possibilities are many!

We will review the letterforms you know, adapting them to various places on your maps, from simple place names to complicated titles.

We’ll learn some of the cartographic traditions to make your map accessible and reliable for your audience, whether it is a map to your house from the airport, a map to the wedding reception or a fantastic place you made up yourself.

The emphasis in this class will be on learning the skills needed to make a map – with a bit of fun thrown in as well!



In preparation for our weekend’s work, Annie is offering a Friday evening slide show that will provide information important to our process. A preview of things to come, the discussion will set the stage for an interesting and enjoyable learning experience.


Be sure to mark your calendars:

October 4 – 6, 2019, in Cary, North Carolina.


 Registration information will be sent

 to CLAS members around August 1st.

Participant notification will follow around September 1st.